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Dream11 is sports app that is largest platform in all over the India. This platform provides access to many sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi, Baseball, Handball, and basketball. You can play dream11 apk online in your device. Everyone who are lovers of sports they can play and enjoy this game. They can select their favorite team with real player. They can also choose their favorite game. Dream11 apk is available in our website. You can download Dream11 apk in your device from here.

Download Dream11 APK

You can easily download dream11 app from this website. The version of app is 4.39.1. Dream11 app is free for all devices. You can download this app and enjoy your favorite game. A millions of people ask about the latest version of dream11 apk. If you are also searching for latest version then you are on a right website. You can download it from here.

Step to download Dream11 APK

The people who are lovers of sports and they want to play. They can download dream 11 app from here and enjoy the game. You can also download dream11 Apk from official website.

  • Click the button upper in page Download Dream11 apk.
  • Then you can go to the download page.
  • You can easily download Dream11 apk from here.
  • You can also able to see the version and more detail about the dream 11 apk in download page

Dream11 apk Free or Paid

You can download dream 11 apk free. Download this apk file from here top of a page. You can also download dream 11 apk latest version from here. If you want to play this game free then it was your own choice, you can play free and if you want to spend money and win real cash. You can spend money to Play a game and win the real cash. Many players are won big prices on dream 11. If you are also want to won a big price then try your best and never lose your hope. If you are new then you can practices and improve your skill.

Download Dream11 APK in PC

There are two methods to download dream11 in PC. The first method is BlueStacks Player second method is Nox Player. These two are best player to play your favorite sports game in pc. It’s your own choice to select a player and download that player in pc.

Dream11 APK partnership

The best partner of dream 11 apk is vivo. Because vivo signing a four year old agreement with BCCI. This company is a partner of many other sports games like football, Basketball, Kabaddi League, Hockey, and ICC events. Vivo also give sponsorships to many countries sports league.

History of Dream11 APK

The dream 11 apk is launched in 2008. By day by day people know that dream 11 is a good sports app. In 2012 it was very famous in all over the India. In 2014, millions of people register in dream 11 apk. When everyone knows about the dream 11 fantastic sports app then they want to play this game. Know a day, 70 million people register in dream 11 apk and day by day it’s was gone up.

Free start with Dream11

Similarly, if you are new in dream 11 apk then you can start dream 11 free. You can practices and improve your skill. If you practices more your skill was automatically improve day by day. If you download this apk in your mobile phone then you get 100 point bonus. Similarly, by the help of this bonus you can participate in game. Try your best and start the game to won the match and won real cash. Before match look your against team and make plan how to I beat it. If you loss in this game then never loss your hope. Try again and practice more after some time it was look very easy. Then you can easily win the match and won a big price.

Sign in to dream11

After download dream 11 apk in your phone or pc. Then you can sign in with your mobile phone number or you can also sign in with your Google/Facebook account. Similarly, if you are sign in with your phone number then you can receive a code on your mobile that code helps you to sign in to dream11. If you have Google/Facebook account then you can easily sign in with no code. This is easy way to sign in to dream 11.

Favorite Game and Team

After sign in to dream 11 you have to choose your favorite sports game. It was your own choice to select your interesting sports game. Click your favorite game on screen. After choose your favorite sports game then select the playing 11. You can select your favorite player to play like real. Select the playing 11 that who can able to face the in front team. You can also choose a good captain and wise captain to your team. Similarly It’s was part of game. If you want to change the color of your team shirt, it’s was your own choice to select a beautiful color. Change the hairs of your favorite player make them beautiful and enjoy your favorite game with favorite player.

Match Time and after match

After selecting playing 11 your team came in ground and match is going to start. You can see how your team and player are going. If your player was playing very well then he earns points. Similarly, if all players were playing very well then they earn a lot of points and they won the match. They were more chances of winning real cash. Check the position of your team in leaderboard. Win more matching and win more points to come in number one position.
After win the match the money will be automatically added on dream 11 account according to the leaderboard. In your bank account they should be minimum 200 cash to win maximum amount of money Rs 2, 00,000 was automatically transformed in your bank account. If your account is not verified then dream 11 cannot transfer money to your account.

Dream11 IPL

IPL is the most famous league in all over the world. The best sponsor of IPL 2021 is dream 11. As you know, every year the new player from other country are purchased by the team owner. The owner of team also purchased the India good cricket player. Similarly, if a owner purchased a good player then they are a lot of chances to win the IPL. Similarly, same method to play IPL in dreams 11 apk. If you can make a good team to win the match. It is very good for you.

Dream 11 APK

Lovers of Cricket

Cricket is the life of entertainment. The lovers of cricket never miss anytime and they always support their team. The cricket friends want to challenge to their friend with their favorite team. The best application to challenge their friends is dream 11 apk. You can download this apk in your mobile phone and challenge to your friend. The people who can’t play but they always support their team.

Play cricket with dream11 Apk

First you can open your mobile phone and then open dream 11 app. Choose favorite game and start to play game. Before starting game see you’re playing 11. If you not believe the playing 11 then change the players. It was your own choice to select a good player. You can also change the color of team dress. Select your favorite captain who can run the team and also select the wise captain. Focus in game and try to win the match and win real cash with dream 11. If first batting is your then make a good plan to give a big target. Try your best to win the match and win real cash.

Dream 11 APK

Football Lovers

Dream 11 apk give an easy access to challenge your friend and won real cash. If you love football and won real cash in dream 11 apk then you are on a right website. The dream 11 apk is available in our website. You can easily download dream 11 apk latest version from here top of a page. Challenge your friend and won real cash with dream 11. If you are new in dream 11 then practice more. One day it was looking so easy for you and you easily won the football match. Make money with dream 11 and enjoy your life.

Dream 11 APK


Did you know that the Google Play Store do not give access to run this file in your Android phones and tablets. If you have no correct android phones and tablets. Then don’t worry to run the dream 11 app. The new version APK gives you easy access to run this file. The dream11apk give you a good offer to download dream 11 apk from this website and play your favorite game.

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